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September 17, 2014

Pressing Events is excited to reformat our online experience with a new image and a more customized way of shopping. Because so much of what we do involves personalizing - be it wedding design, monograms, jewelry or flora -  we felt it was time to lean more in the direction of what we do best.
Putting your vision to paper ...monogramming your gifts and adding your family name to napkins, signs, cups and bags is what we feel needs to be the focus of our dialogue with you - our customers. Think of us as your own in-house artist, that person you call when you have an idea and just need a little help bringing it to life!
These Round Top Collection pumpkins have been a huge hit since we began personalizing them for our customers.
And these pillows feature our newest offering, the Raised Monogram.
You also need to know that these MacKenzie-Childs pumpkins are a Hot Seller.  We have a few in the store and more on order, but we learned yesterday that after that they are SOLD OUT.
Don't you agree this new pattern from Caspari will be a winner this holiday season?
Don't put off buying your new KATE SPADE daytimer. The one for 2015 is in the store and I am loving mine!
And the last thing we need to share with you would be these custom designed Halloween wreaths from a new vendor who is just starting her business. Are they not the cutest?
We hope to see all of you in the store soon picking up the very best from Europe, Dallas, New York and Atlanta!

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