Saturday is order your Holiday Cards Day!

Nancy Billingsley Calvert

Posted on October 23 2014

Pressing Events looks forward to taking at least one thing off your list ,in the lead-up that is Christmas, this Saturday from 10-5. Let us do for you what we do all day everyday. We will print your cards, take your pictures, address those envelopes, stamp and mail them… whatever you need, that's what we're here for!

I started sending Christmas cards with pictures in 1974 with the birth of my son. There are very few things I love more than sitting next to my tree warm latte in hand and opening cards from friends and family. For years I did a letter, especially nice for older members of the family who aren't able to get out like they used to. Before email and social media this was it!!!
Of course before Facebook and the aforementioned social media, Christmas cards were all we had to catch up on each other. I sure hope that they won't ever go away because sentimental slobs like me not only save them but I also make albums with them. Through the years mine and Mike's blended family have loved perusing old family pictures to see how much we all had changed.
And it only gets better and sweeter as the days go by, so if you haven't begun this tradition or if someone got married this year and you want to feature it in all its splendor or if you simply have a beautiful family and you want to stay in touch the old-fashioned way then we suggest you rediscover the art of the written word.  Leave a paper-trail for the years after we're gone when someone who loved you discovers a Christmas album chocked full of precious memories!

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