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Necker Island...Spring Break for Senior Citizens

Nancy Billingsley Calvert

Posted on March 06 2015

This is the view that Sir Richard Branson enjoys 8 months out of every year - and I must say- it is lovely here in the tropics. He has his own private island that he has owned since the mid 80's...Google it. But as of this month he is moving over to Moskito Island along with his children Sam and Holly (each has their own home). How do I know this? Well, let's just say the staff are very engaging and intimately aware of Sir Richard, Joan and the whole family.
There are no locks on our doors as this is a very small operation which currently is hosting only a few couples affiliated with Gulf States Toyota. Correct, Toyota doesn't just manufacture well made and long lasting automobiles, they also take very good care of their dealers. I am not one but my husband has been for over 30 years now... lucky me!
Makes you want to learn how to play chess, doesn't it?
Truthfully, this is more my speed, I'm old you see and coming back from minor foot surgery. I did however, zip line by moonlight from just below this rail to dinner down on Turtle Beach. Truthfully, walking uphill to dinner was far more challenging than my first zip line.
Were I young, buff and athletically inclined...I would be Kiting, oh yeah! Imagine skimming the waves tethered to a kite while perfecting your savage tan?? No doubt one of the many staff enjoying their day off.
The night we arrived was quite an adventure, delighted to say we don't have to repeat it getting back to our plane. We flew into St. Thomas and took a forty minute van ride to the other side of the island where we boarded a cigarette boat that barely held all 15 of us. Don't come to Necker Island this way if you can help it. One hour forty minutes or so of clearing waves then pounding against the water like concrete. EVERYONE was told to wear seasickness bands.
The above picture was to be our view while here, however, as previously noted, we are old and letting the ocean humidity and breezes blow over us through the night AND our mosquito netting sans air conditioning seemed best left to Beyonce and Jay-Z. (You will note there are NO curtains, blinds or other means of privacy in said room.)
Especially after the young British guy with our bags explained to us that at the bottom of these stairs we would find our bathroom :/ That was it for me, still having the sutures from my surgery I delicately explained I could not risk getting up three times during the night to negotiate these stairs. You cannot imagine my joy when told there was an air conditioned room with the bathroom actually attached to the room we could switch to.
Really hated having to pass on the Swiss Family Robinson experience.
We were required to be in costume for the zip line and dinner last night. (Note, off to the left of the King of Hearts, staff is getting our hardware ready.) Everyone enjoy a little giggle here at our expense, but don't knock it. Try having your guests come in costume and zip lining to your dinner table the next time you throw a party... it is quite the ice-breaker!

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