Now THAT was a Summer

August 13, 2015

I try to do too much. Over-scheduled doesn't come close to describing me. I make meeting other people's agenda an art-form. I believe it is called FOMO... Fear of Missing Out. Mia culpa. Mia culpa.
Our crazy busy summer began in June with a Granny & Pop family wedding. Brian and Meredith tied the knot with letterpress and Pressing Events was thrilled to participate.
Gorgeous venue, beautiful bride, great time with my family.
We then did a quick trip to the mountains, meeting the moving truck and getting David & Maxine up to speed on our projects.
Switzerland was next up and well worth the wait, quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth - and all with great friends. Our memories will be cherished.
We barely left ourselves time to unpack and repack before joining my cousins in Florida. A whole new generation made their appearance on the beach, a tradition that now goes back to 1977 and Sea Island, Georgia.
Sadly we said goodbye to a precious young mother upon our return. Julie Whaley did the work on our first webstore. She fought cancer, remained open to God's will in her life and showed all of us what perfect faith looks like.
We then made one more trip to APPLEHEAD to load a vehicle with odds and ends designated for Colorado.
Holly, Jason and three grandchildren met us in Pebble Beach as we combined a Toyota trip with our family that lives on the Central Coast of California.
Early August found us flying to the mountains with three grandchildren. Now there remains a wedding in Santa Fe and three more rounds of company joining us for cool mornings and the joy that is a Colorado summer before we pack it up and head home to Houston.
Memories are quite big with us and this summer our cup spilled over - thank you, Father.
Anniversary Haus is coming along nicely and I'm excited to share all of our completed projects. So look for that in the next blog!
Thanks for reading and...
All God's Best,

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