Looking Back on 2015

Nancy Billingsley Calvert

Posted on January 02 2016

For as long as I have had my hand in Interior Design the theme has been Old World and it remained a favorite of mine. But the times have been changing dramatically over the last few years. My interests in design arrived just as people were tiring of the color white - found it boring and were ready to explore the color wheel. I don't think I will ever go "all the way" to gray and white period, but I do like what white does for a room. As my sweet friend Holly Mathis once told me, "We all need more white in our lives."
What I do know for sure is that there is nothing new under the sun and that people like change and what it does to a home. Personally, I believe your home is your sanctuary, that place where people really get to know you. So with all of this in mind, let me say welcome to Billingsley Calvert Home.
My design style will always embrace the patina of old wood, natural fibers, stone and the sporting life. My passion is Old World - History is my thing, and add to that a healthy dose of travel. I respect the past, in my life and in my interiors. Mother used to say, "Be not the first to try the new nor the last to lay the old aside." But I do believe we all need to think for ourselves and make no apology for our taste - or possibly your lack of interest in such things. There are no absolutes in this life, water seeks its own level. But for those of you who are still reading and are perhaps my kind of people - here is what I love.

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A quick purview of the Billingsley Calvert Home Pinterest page will find you observing that I lean hard into the Rustic. I love pheasant feathers, reclaimed wood, horns, skins and all that is associated with the Belle Epoch. God's design and the great outdoors will always be a part of my design aesthetic.

Our home in the mountains of Colorado is representative of this look. This year we bought our sixth home in the Colorado Mountains. Though we are not flippers per se, we have found this market rewarding. I did some updating and remodeling on an existing home which required very little in this regard. But we did personalize it - added a fireplace, installed new furniture and reworked the bookcases in this room.
Downstairs we took out the carpet, put in hardwoods and cabinets creating a bar area to enhance that room where I anticipate sports fans will hang out.
We are quite pleased with the redo. I think the space will see far more use now. But this house features the color beige and it is now time to move forward in the direction of white. It will happen in 2016.
Having sold our home on Lake LBJ we are now downsizing in Austin near the Hill Country Galleria in an area known as Spanish Oaks. There will be white, there will be gray, but there will also be horns, blue and white chinoiserie, old rugs, sisal and MacKenzie-Childs.
Here is the design board for the new place. I look forward to sharing a mix of the old and dearly loved along with the new and about to be introduced.
I hope this New Year finds you counting your blessings and feathering your nest for the ones that mean the most to you. And remember, what you build in the way of family inside your home is the only part that truly matters.
Happy 2016!
God has blessed us all - much more than we deserve. Count those blessings, your blessings, no one else's. Look neither left nor right, just look up and keep telling him how grateful you are for what he has done in YOUR life. I promise it will be your very best year if you will only do this one thing each and every day! nbc 

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