Billingsley Calvert Home was established in 1985 with the merging of two families and what would eventually become 14 homes and counting. Because nesting and all that goes with has been a feature of Nancy Billingsley Calvert for as long as she can recall the results of her imagination have produced many a remodel, buildout or make-over.
Her design aesthetic is greatly influenced by her love of history, her sentimentality, her refined eye for detail and her respect for sensibilities. The design process should always reflect a plan, a budget and the desire to celebrate home.
Design Consultations are charged at $100 per hour.
A. If you choose to pay by the hour you will purchase furniture and accessories through her at Wholesale+10%. 
B. If you opt to pay MSRP then her services and time are free.
She may be retained by email or by phone: