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Decoupage Christmas Ornament: 4” Square

Decoupage Christmas Ornament: 4” Square

$ 25.00

THIS IS A CUSTOM ITEM that will be approved by you before it is completed, packaged and shipped.

Select photos you love and want to display, they will then be enhanced, resized and made perfect for featuring in a collage.

Display this plate in your home, on a bookshelf or collect them and put them out for holidays. I have the first letter my son ever wrote to Santa Claus along with the picture taken of him with Santa. I put it out at Christmas.

This process can be accomplished by email. Simply purchase the ornament and then upload up to 5  images. Include an email and/or cell phone number to contact you.

You will be contacted for approval before commissioning your plate and image.

Please allow 7-10 business days.