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Retail is shrinking, all the action is online, so toward that end we closed our doors in Town & Country Village, our online store features just a few of the vendors we love...MacKenzie-Childs, Emma Bridgewater, Ben’s Garden, Hester and Cook, Blue and White reproduction antiques, Au Couture Notecards, Digitized Monograms, Custom Design Pillows, Decoupage, Framed Photography and Gifts. 
And should you wish to do an Interior Design project, just call, nothing would make me happier!
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Nancy Calvert Photography Cliveden on the Thames
$ 50.00
Pressing Events Cote d'Azur Cards
From $ 14.50 - $ 18.50
Pressing Events Couples Shower Fiesta
From $ 15.00 - $ 250.00
Pressing Events Custom Watercolor notecards
From $ 14.50 - $ 18.50
Nancy Calvert Photography Daddy
$ 50.00
Calvert and Collection DIGITIZED MONOGRAMS - LM Monogram
$ 25.00