Stationery, Weddings and Letterpress

Pressing Events is both a Studio and a Store. We sit down and listen to our customers while creating a custom invitation worthy of their pride and their trust.  Graphic Artists are on staff and will be happy to discuss your special event, show you our large portfolio of couture wedding design, or quickly prepare an invitation customized to your specifications. AND...if you have you files from Etsy or any other source, say no more. We can print that for you. Just tell us the paper and envelopes that you want and we will get right on that. We do it ALL THE TIME.
There is no charge for a simple custom design and the turn around is 2-3 business days.
So, are you tired of Big Stores with NO customer Service? Visit Pressing Events where we routinely say "please and thank you",in fact, we will call you by name and ask if we can gift wrap that for you and then we will offer to carry large items to your car.
Our job is to make you feel your business is appreciated... each and every day.