Les Journees Calvert

Some photos are what we call "keepers." Those are the ones that talk to you - you can't stop looking at them. They may be just that good, a landscape or a still life.
But perhaps you don't want an image with scaffolding in it?
Others pictures are evocative, they take you back to happy times. These are the candidates for rendering with the artistic process, very simply put, they are waiting to become Art.
The image above began as a low-resolution iPhone picture. Low-resolution images pose no problem for rendering as art. So, if you have an old photo, perhaps even a damaged photo, it can be both restored, retouched and rendered as art.
IPhone pictures are especially fun and just waiting to say more!
Are you ready to take your pictures to the next level? Email or call Nancy Billingsley Calvert, she will be delighted to give you back a conversation piece that will fuel the sentimentalist in anyone.
Just click SHOP on the menu bar and choose "LES JOURNEES CALVERT Rendering".
Then select the RENDERING PROCESS. You may scan your image yourself and email it to info@pressingevents.com or, if you prefer, you may drop it off at the store to have it scanned while you wait.
The process takes 7-10 business days. During that time you will be given the opportunity to approve the finished look before it goes to printing.
Then the image will be printed for you on a professional wide-format printer using Hahnamuhle Archive paper, either Fine Art Velvet or Canvas.
The transition/rendering process cost is $75.
Here is another iPhone snap.
The electric lines have been removed and the photo itself improved upon.
After that you will choose the size and price that you wish to print your new photo. The cost of printing is also shown online in the drop-down menu under "LES JOURNEES CALVERT Printing".
If you wish to have us do your framing, you will have many choices including Roma Moulding made in Italy - our favorite.
Enjoy scrolling through several examples of various Before and Afters below. 
Need to have someone added to a photograph?
Need to have a single headshot for publication of someone who is only featured in a group shot?
 Would you like to turn an old photograph into art?
A picture really is worth a 1000 words, so let us give you your images EXACTLY as you want them...for keeps. Email today to start the process: