In a world where many are fans of John Derian, Ben's Garden and even our own local artist Marye-Kelley, my personal favorite of all decoupage artists is Carol Kaas. I shall never forget a trip to New York City in 2009 right before opening Pressing Events, I wanted to see Carol's business in Greenwich Village but I wanted to approach it while walking so my anticipation could build. I walked 3 miles from Columbus Circle to her store, but it was a beautiful day and I got exactly what I wanted. 
Her shop is very tiny but as charming as they come. For our 25th anniversary Mike and I returned to NYC and, since we were married on Valentines Day, look what awaited us in the window! Carol and I have spoken many times but I have still not managed to meet her face to face... so there awaits me one more special treat.
All of us here at Calvert & Collections are graphic artists, Victor, Edward or I would love to create a personal object d'art for your collection. These are but a few in our offerings.
Fine Art results when your photos are scanned, enhanced and artistically arranged in a collage for your keepsake... the past under glass telling a story, evoking a memory or simply reminding us of those who now live in our hearts.