"Memories are blessings...they should be counted, celebrated, and shared." Nancy Billingsley Calvert

Calvert & Collection

Calvert & Collection: Bee’s Wax Natural Bowl Vessel Candle

$ 75.00

A Natural Bees Wax Candle sans fragrance

Our Signature 64 ounce Refillable Candle Bowl

Hand poured in the USA with up to a 120+ hour burn time and delivered in a White Porcelain vessel that measures 12” wide by 4” deep and is set with 20 wicks, “21 Northwest” candles are naturally luxurious... and, they can be refilled when completely burned with the same fragrance, no fragrance or your choice of two other fragrances “Anniversary Haus”, or “Buckets&Spades.”


Refills are $110.00