Bath: Travel Tiles
Les Journees Calvert

Bath: Travel Tiles

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This 12” square Acrylic Tile comes with a hanger on the back.

This original Vintage Poster/Collage is shown in acrylic. It arrives ready to hang and each image has been artistically rendered using Adobe, Corel, iColorama, Superimpose, Procrete, Topaz and OnOne software by artist/photographer Nancy Billingsley Calvert.

These Travel Boards are intended to be collected and afford great contrast when hung in a group.

It can be ordered in various sizes in acrylic, framed with or without a mat, as a canvas poster, or a metal piece of art.

Below you may upload up to 15 images to be featured in your collective. You will then select to us 12" square or a different size as well as the choice of print process.

Once our collaborative process is complete and you have authorized it is ready to print expect it to take 15-21 business days to complete and ship.