Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and here’s a little bit about me and my world the way I love telling it best ...through pictures.
I am the oldest child and the only daughter, poor Jeff, bless his heart.
I am a child of the 50’s born in Daddy’s hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas.
But since they were on their way to Mother’s home state of Oregon my brief six weeks there yielded no memories.
I lived an idyllic childhood for ten years in the Pacific Northwest, or as Gammie called it, God’s country.
To this day I am still bummed that my Daddy said it rained too much and it was heavily unionized which all made for a depressing environment. He longed to get back to the South. I have to wonder where he was living because to a girl of the 50’s I would put my childhood up against anybody’s.
That girl on the far left is Patti...and she is still my BFF even though she now lives in Montana. That was my gang - we left in the mornings on our bicycles and no one saw us again until dinner. If I have an imagination and a live free or die spirit about me. THAT. IS. WHERE. IT. STARTED.
But as I said, Daddy wanted to get back HOME. The day we left Gandy, who was born and raised in Texas, said to me, “Nancy, the sky will seem much bigger there.” He was right. Texas is Big Sky country. But we wouldn’t make our home in Texas until 1962. First we would live again for 14 months in Little Rock before moving to Dallas in the Fall of 1962.
Like all children I would adapt, make new friends and put down roots in the South. Time does have a way of healing all wounds but I will always wonder what it would have been like if Daddy didn’t have to be the breadwinner, put food on the table, and make executive decisions concerning the health and well-being of our family.
So, Daddy encouraged me to make new friends. To me that was harsh but that was his tough love advice born out of his Depression era days. But it was good to be back in the South and within close commute of family and cousins. Especially cousins!