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Home…making it your own🤍
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2015 Anniversary Haus meets Man Cave

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One of the reasons we are returning to Colorado is the Medinas. This couple can do anything, we learned this over a 12 year period. When we bought the condo in 2012 David transformed a little over 1000 sf into the highest per sf sale in all of the condos.

We asked David Medina if he were up for doing it again. He was.    So here is what we bought... and I'm thinking you can also see why we bought it.

Yes, A River Runs Through It!

Fly fishing happens there too, but there have been no sightings of Brad Pitt... yet.

We saw this home while in Colorado celebrating our 30th anniversary. As Mike walked out of the master bedroom he said,"Have you seen the master bath?" I had not. But as soon as I did see it I couldn't believe it... F Schumacher Woburn Meadow fabric and wallpaper. I fell for this when we first moved to the Vail Valley in 1998. In fact, my friend Jana - a designer, said she would sell it to me at cost. Instead, I registered with the state comptroller and followed my passion. The pillow was a gift from Jeff, Julie and the girls from another favorite shopping spot in Beaver Creek, Karins.

Here you see Woburn Meadow as drapes hanging to this day in my favorite store ... Gorsuch Home in Beaver Creek, where I routinely shop, for low-hanging fruit. But I digress.


 Here's how our future bar area looked when we left after Spring Break. David has removed the carpet and installed hardwoods. We are very fortunate to have a consignment store in Avon, The Nest. They picked up this furniture and I all I do is check in online to see what has sold so far.

 Today they delivered the cabinets that were designed on the computer at Home Depot, built and painted per David's measurements.

We communicate long-distance very well by phone, text and email. I use a very user-friendly program, Floorplanner.com available online to explain placement. Tomorrow David starts work on the granite countertops for the free-standing bar and the  newly installed back cabinet - can't wait!



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