TWO NEW PROPERTIES: The Ritz Calvert-Florida & The Ritz Calvert-Colorado

Never say never, right?
We closed on Buckets&Spades Sept 5 thinking that was it. But the fabulous Stacey Wright with Scenic Sotheby’s Realtors on 30A said, “Not so fast, Fancy!”
Look what she found! And with views of the Gulf.🌊
And just as the Colorado property was complete and ready to rent ANOTHER property came online in Arrowhead Village with some things we were going to have to add-on to the property we purchased in April.
Fortunately it is remodeled and ready for prime-time so the talented and always up for a challenge, Ric Souto, with Slifer Real Estate is getting it ready to list as I type.
So. What to do?
As you can SEE both places come with VIEWS, really good ones too!⛰️
As the banner atop our web-store reads, both properties will now be ready to lease in January 2024. Both will require a 7 night minimum stay per HOA.
Stay tuned and thank you for your understanding and your patience.🙏

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