New Year, New Me!

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I am most blessed and grateful to have gotten a 70 pound refrigerator off of my back this past year. So for my 72nd birthday I commissioned a portrait of me by my dear friend and photographer, for as I told her, “I will never be any younger nor will I look any better - it is time.” Once Cindy goes behind the lens she will make you think you simply must consider a career in modeling. Hahaha😂! Thank you, Father, for permitting me to once again feel like being a part of life.
Our family rang in 2023 in New York. We traveled there in 2015 for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade but our youngest granddaughter, Charley the *Love-Bug, was a mere three and did not make that trip so we had to right the wrong. Thanks to my sweet friend Lynn Rutledge we took her advice and stayed at The Bowery. She had me at “fireplace.”
We returned to the Highland lakes west of Austin a year ago with the purchase of a place in Escondido. It is Spanish/Southwestern which is so popular in the Hill Country and currently I am personalizing it and giving it my stamp. I look forward to sharing the after pictures in an upcoming post. Say hello to “Mi Casa Calvert III.”
“Buckets&Spades II” in Alys Beach, FL has been previously offered to family and friends to rent but it is now under contract and expected to close in early September 2023.
This summer will find us returning to the mountains in the lovely Arrowhead community where we will rent from ourselves! We found a delightful 9th property in Colorado, it is the 20th of our  properties in our 38 years of acquisitions.
Never say never.  
“The Ritz Calvert” is a small two story, three-bedroom condo mere steps from the ski lift in winter and beautifully laid out in a lovely flat valley for walking and biking in the summer.
I have already reached out to the always ready Medina’s to make the wishlist happen.
It’s been a busy year for only being March.
We are pleased to inform you that Calvert&Collection is now offered on Poshmark, Chairish and Ebay in addition to our webstore.
“If you want something done give it to a busy person” is my mantra.
Here’s hoping I can continue to be as healthy, busy and involved as my precious Beloved who grants me both the opportunity and the funding to fuel my dreams.
All God’s best to you and your’s,

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