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Bachelor Ridge: Property #8 in Colorado

It is very hard to believe we made our first purchase in the Rockies in 1996 in Breckenridge. Twenty-five years of looking, finding, buying and selling. What can I say… I love it.


We purchased Bachelor Ridge in August 2020 and had no plans to sell this soon. But Covid.

This is Rodney finishing up the remodel of the kitchen by creating a copper hood above the cooktop- -with paint. He is amazing and and this was our third project to work on together. No one does it better. He is an Artisan and I am his biggest fan.


I was anxious to try my hand at a Bobby McAlpine inspired palette. Painting black on the entry walls was a leap of faith. But it was the right choice.

I went with Sherwin Williams Adaptive Shade, Gauntlet Gray, Dove Tail and Black Fox.

I wanted to bring these colors indoors.

Granted I would not do this at the beach. But these are the colors of a quintessential Nestor…cue the fireplace.

Our realtor, Ric Souto, has learned from me that not all fireplaces are the same and this one had to be replaced. We have done that four times now. It isn’t exciting like paint but it beats air conditioning or a humidification system.

As one might imagine, over 25 years there was a wee bit of shopping done. In the beginning my guy drove trucks to the mountains. Two different times. Then came The Nest, a veritable swinging door to a world of other people’s cast-offs. Greatness!

I actually purchased a sofa from a house we had sold for another house we had bought. Yes, I bought said sofa TWICE. But I said NO to buying back two chairs that had gone with Anniversary Haus IV, because they were asking 3x’s what I had paid for them. That was FUN. You see they try to find purchases online and price accordingly. But I had restored and reupholstered these chairs…so they were guessing.

I highly recommend Traditions Linens for bedding and Sferra for sheets and towels. We carry them. They are the best.

I think we are done in the mountains. Moving forward we will rent.

Florida is calling!




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