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2019 Christmas

There is just something about wrapping up a year that calls for celebration and reflection. Hard to believe we are closing a decade...2020 is at the door.
Last night we hosted a small group for the purpose of saying goodbye to a board member...not leaving, merely stepping down.
There’s nothing quite like hosting a party to get one’s task list whipped into shape.
We took up residence here On the 21st floor two years ago this January.
But we have been high-rise dwellers at The Huntingdon for over ten years.
In the beginning it felt awkward ,not that we are in assisted living, but we are catered too and we truly did not feel worthy.
But after ten years these people have become our friends and what can I say, our views are the best.
Our grandchildren have come to believe Papo and Nanice live in a Hotel.
When I was a little girl my grandmother lived in an apartment in Portland, Oregon. I will never forget looking out her windows on the city below and thinking it was positively dreamy...and I still do.
I put this picture of me, my brother and Gammie out each Christmas. Gammie lived with us after we left Oregon for Texas.
We could not have done all that went into this small gathering without Victor’s wife Nidia.
Nidia’s gift is floral design and food preparation. 
She also does my tree.
Victor has been with me fifteen years, Eduardo for nine.
And their sweet mother, Ana, for twenty-three years.
God’s perfect gifts indeed.
This is Gammie as a little girl, circa 1907.
I must say, my favorite day is the one after a party when I get to sit back and contemplate all my pretties and my clean house. Beneath this table of Aunt Golda’s are my collection of Uncle Roger’s books that Lee set aside for me. 
A top the table is David’s first letter to Santa in 1979 decoupaged by me to save for posterity.
Down the hall is Gammie and Gandy’s secretary where as a child I would sit and go through drawers filled with envelopes of photos developed at the pharmacy. Wade’s words on clarity are framed just as his daddy requested and on top in pride of place is Holly’s wedding picture.
My collection of Russian Santa’s and Nutcrackers are now evocative of so many Christmas’s past.
I made each of my guests a candle to take with them when they left.
As we say goodbye to 2019 and our precious dog Winston of thirteen years
Mike and I want to wish you and yours a beautiful 2020 from our family to your family. May the spirit of Christmas surround you with good tidings of Peace on Earth good will to Men.

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