2015 Thank Heaven for Little Girls!

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Thank Heaven for little girls! Mike and I are blessed with four so far and they are each delightful. And now we are headed back to the majestic mountains and the outdoor summer temps of Colorado…YAY!
 I tried loving the Highland Lakes above Austin but as I told our kids, “I don’t dream about the lake. I dream about Colorado.” I feel sure it has a lot to do with having spent my first 10 years running with my childhood friends on bikes in the great state of Oregon – or as Gammie called it, “God’s Country.”
Sadly, in Texas, you don't enjoy a lot of outdoor living.
But we have had fun on Lake LBJ! While there these past seven years our grandchildren all enjoyed the best seat in the house, their bunk room that included a swing bed and fireplace.
I know they are all going to hate me for a while, but the plan for a house we would all be together in ended up being a home we were all together in 5-6 times over 7 years and that is just too much maintenance to accomplish from 3.5 hours away. And don't forget how easy Colorado is because of the Medinas, that precious couple who came into our lives in 2003 and have cared for all our properties in the mountains since then.
So here are those little girls we are so thankful for... Carly Ray, Emily Gail, Lainey Lea and Charley Kate. Now, I know you most likely think your grandchildren are unique, gifted and beautiful - but ours REALLY are and I know you'll understand that.
In our Colorado home the girls will have the bunk room which looked like this when we bought it.
This was the inspiration for this room. We saw it in one of the many homes we previewed. So when we left David with our projects to be covered before we returned in June I simply left a can of spray paint on the counter in the kitchen which to me looked like the base and he took care of the rest.
When we get there next week I will have the painter apply a Gel Stain to the turquoise.
Here is the Sample Board for the Girl's room, lots of MacKenzie-Childs of course, our new line Sugar Boo and bedding from Traditions Linens. I hope the Grand Girls love it and I hope some day they will fondly recall this room that Nanice took great joy in designing for them!
All God's best to you and yours,

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