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2015 "Are y'all ready to see your Fixer Upper???"

Fixer Upper HGTV Magnolia Market Musings Rocky Mountain Reno Waco

    Well, the truck is loaded and we have handed off to Super-Man, aka David Medina. And I suspect by now he is back in Colorado - what a guy!
After meeting him at the Austin Airport yesterday we began driving to the wedding of Meredith and Brian in the Metroplex... hello, Knight Family Reunion!
But as we approached Waco I asked my Beloved if he would indulge me by running through Magnolia Market.
He always says YES and I was not disappointed. Lots of foot traffic for sure.
I told Mike it reminded me of our trip to The Lady & Sons in 2004. Don't you love when HGTV picks people from obscurity and makes them stars?
I am a huge fan of Joanna and Chip, just wish they filmed more episodes each year.
I love her passion for vintage, the fact that they have put Waco on the map and that all these people buzzing around have jobs thanks to them.
Can't wait for Season 3, and in case you missed the premiere episode, HGTV has just launched a new show very reminiscent of Fixer Upper called Rocky Mountain Reno.
I watched it and was impressed ,but of course I was, it features Trista and Ryan from Season 1 of the Bachelorette which had just occurred right before Hayley and I started our wholesale stationery business in Sugar Land. One of our vendors from then and still  one today is May Arts who worked with them on their wedding.
Fast forward some ten+years and here they are renovating the Vail/Beaver Creek Valley where we have owned property since the summer of 1998. They even featured one of my favorite shopping haunts,Slifer Designs.
Color me happy! NC
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