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2015 Atlanta Market

Nancy Billingsley Calvert

Posted on June 24 2015

2015 Atlanta Market
Tomorrow we leave for Cowbells, Mountain Tops and Cheese! I cannot wait to scour the shops for hidden treasures sure to be added to both Pressing Events and to Anniversary Haus.
Every room to me is like a puzzle, and that is how I approach it. "Go with what you know" or as I call it, putting the Big Rocks in first.
A. What do I like and want to keep?
B. What do I wish to add?
C. What does Win/Win look like here?
In this room I loved the leather bed, the lamps and the bedside table. The room color is a great neutral but the red carpet was too much. To me it screamed. The armoire is great but moved to another room because I love a fireplace in the bedroom.
Since David Medina, our Contactor, would be putting hardwoods on the landing for our His/Her Office, I elected for him to replace the carpet in the master.
This is the fun part where David takes my out of the box imaginations ...and makes them come true! From the same Ship Lap and stain color he constructed bookcases on either side of our new FAUX FIREPLACE. However, thanks to a Gel Fuel we sell at the store we can have a fire - not unlike burning candles that requires no outside ventilation.
And now for the cherry on top! Our new best friend is Shari Kline for TRADITIONS LINENS this bedding line will make its debut in the store in late July. I am so excited about this introduction.
Shari is what I call a Rep Extraodinaire, long detailed emails educating me in every nuance. But don't forget our Anne Becker Pillows from Paris.
The Traditions Linens were all selected as a backdrop for these spectacular pillows.
And do yourself a favor, follow us on our Instagram account for a FREE GIVEAWAY!
This Anne Becker pillow can be an M or a W...and it is a value of $720, our biggest give away to date!
And stay tuned for the Anniversary Haus master bedroom Reveal!
All God's Best,
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