2015 The Reveal...ta-da! Part 1

Nancy Billingsley Calvert

Posted on August 23 2015

2015 The Reveal...ta-da! Part 1
Anniversary Haus is nearing completion and we are tickled pink to be back in the Colorado Mountains - where it is cool, y'all!
(at least in the early mornings and after the sun goes down)
Our downstairs Man Cave/Media Room is a crowning achievement for a most deserving husband. You can see more pictures of the before look here.
Remember David Medina went to Home Depot for the cabinetry, granite and appliances. Ruggs-Benedict, here in Edwards, did the hardwoods.
My golfing husband now has a room to entertain his golf buddies in. I especially like how the mirrors make the room seem bigger and our glassware more abundant.
We had David Medina add more stone to our fireplace as a tv attached to the wall above the mantle would have been just too high to watch comfortably.
We like how it freed up the space in front of the double doors as well.
We bought the home furnished and in most cases I loved what was here but in some cases I moved things around. Then in other instances I took advantage of a great new store here in the Vail Valley, The Nest, a consignment store which picks your furniture and accessories up "for free", showcases them and then sends you a check when it sells. Talk about Win/Win.
The art from wine bottle caps was a gift to Mike from our own David Billingsley. There are many remembrances captured in the Calvert Coat of Arms. It's quite the conversation piece. David's good friend makes them. You can check out his business Vino Mosaics here.
Check back for Part 2 - The Master Bedroom up next.
Thanks for reading and...
All God's Best,

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