2017 Anniversary Haus...is on the Market

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In a perfect world, I would be a fixer-upper/flipper. Nothing. Nothing gets my creative juices flowing like a new nest waiting to be feathered. And in Colorado Mike and I have now purchased and flipped 6 homes since 1996. The market is like a swinging door with Buyers and Sellers constantly moving and shaking. Plus, it is an International market which means your field of draw is even larger than most.
The other thing that makes flipping in the Rockies so much fun is that there is a new store in town. Not brand new but new to me as of 2012. I have mentioned The Nest before but I just cannot mention it too much because it too is a swinging door. Anniversary Haus will be our third home now to sell furnished. 
When we purchased Anniversary Haus I simply snapped iPhone pics of what I no longer wanted to keep. Once approved by The Nest they come out, load it up and take your cast-offs to their store where if they sell you soon have money in your account...to shop with, whoo-hoo!!!
Having had my hand in Interior Design since 1998 I have a fairly educated eye when it comes to spotting treasures. A designer wool hooked rug that retailed new for $12,000 was found and purchased for $1200. And one time when I was in the store I spotted 2 chairs I had refinished, reupholstered and then sold in one of our furnished homes. The girl asked if she could help me, "Oh, I'm just trying to decided if I want to pay 3x's what I first did for my old chairs!!"
Now THAT was a compliment.
Don't worry though, I do not part with my cherished antiques, my art or my sentimental family heirlooms. However, what I can easily replace at Market is indeed for sale. And again, I want to remind you that the fireplace in this bedroom does NOT have a chimney or any other kind of vent. This fireplace burns Ethanol fuel that is sold in our store, Home and Paper. It is the bomb, so check it out.
Our granddaughter's room features MacKenzie-Childs and is so delightful. Hopefully the new owners will have daughters or grands.
I did Parchment Check in the master bath.
Mike's trophy's are going to need tall ceilings when we look to replace this house. Thanks for dropping by.
And if you wish to see more of Anniversary Haus just click the link below to see the video.

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