Home…making it your own🤍
Home…making it your own🤍
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2017 Moving Forward...


Never looking back, we turn another page in the story of our business. We three have enjoyed every minute of our time as a retail storefront but in May we will close our doors to what is now admittedly going the way of the dinosaur...retail storefront shopping. Pressing Events was the store HOME & PAPER is the business.
Sadly, we will bid adieu to MacKenzie-Childs to focus on a limited and supremely currated assortment of online offerings...those tried and true accoutrements that Nancy simply must have in her home...Blue and White chinoiserie, antique Flow Blue, Majolica, EMMA BRIDGEWATER, ST. NICOLAS ornaments, both an essential staple from merry old England, gorgeous lifelike florals from NDI and Market and the occasional to-die-for finds from Dallas, Atlanta and New York Market.
Alongside the items for sale in our shoppe will be the things we present for monogramming, FRESH AMERICAN bags, SFERRA napkins, towels and linens and a wide assortment of blanks available for Edward to turn into monograms and his custom digitized work.
Victor will continue to custom design wedding invitations, save the dates, birthday, dinner party and any other events on your calendar. Having done this now for 10 years his skills in letterpress, thermograph, digital printing and engraving are par excellence. Gifted in both the artistic AND the knowledge required to format your designs, he brings much needed experience in being your In-House artist.
Nancy will concentrate her time with the passion that is Photography expressed in Decoupage, Framed Art and Landscapes. She has come to find her talent expressed best in restoring or simply enhancing those sentimental pictures from the past or from you iPhone.
You will see all three of us now at Markets and Trade Shows where after building our body of work we will offer it to the public on a more occasional basis. Please know that the relationships that we have been blessed with over the last 8 years will always make us happy and we hope you will choose to join us on this next leg of the journey!
All God's best,

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