Home…making it your own🤍
Home…making it your own🤍
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2019 Buckets & Spades

How is it possible we are already in the month of November? 
One way is that I spent the month of October in Florida closing on and initiating the move-in process for Buckets & Spades. Our 15th real estate investment since 1985.
As my son used to say, “I know what the prolly is.” It has been another year of buying and flipping. 
We sold Spanish Oaks in May. And we sent much of the furnishings to the kids. Lucky for us Holly’s family moved to 
Texas in June.
That property will be missed but if I have learned anything in buying and selling, it is to say *when.
I love a blank canvas and I love all aspects of design. But this time we are looking to put this property and Anniversary Haus VII into Cottage Rental.
Hopefully, I will have the pieces in place this Spring. So, as they say, “Stay tuned.”

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